What are you passionate about?

Some people do not figure out what they are truly passionate about till they’re old and grey! Some are truly lucky and are born just knowing. Then there are those that go trough everything and anything and finally see the light!


I figured out my passion was photography in high school when I was 16. I just couldn’t get enough of it,it became my happy place. I fell in love with capturing an emotion in a photo. That is what does it for me,the emotion evoked from the little piece of time I just froze. Whether it be happy,sad,angry,hurt,calm,loving,bittersweet,or any other emotional imagery humanly possible to portray.


What brought about this post is a image I captured of my son practicing his music. He started playing the violin last year and hasn’t been able to put it down since! I have to admit I’m a little in shock of how strongly he took to it. I honestly thought we would run through a few before he settled on one he wanted to put all his effort into.


He gets this absolute look of peace when he plays (or rather attempts to…he is barely learning). But even though he doesn’t know much…it’s enough. I think that’s how you know…when that feeling hits you,it completes you(yeah,sappy but I can’t explain it,if you know what I mean it’s because you have that something that your passionate about).



About lemonsandlacephoto

The ultimate photo junkie, need to be committed book worm, and starry eyed dreamer! Welcome to Lemons & Lace Photography's blog page! (( formerly Irena Nicole Photography )) My name is Irena and I am a visual story teller. I try to capture those unforgettable moments in your lives you just want to constantly re-live over and over! I am a dreamer and ultimately a kid at heart; and a firm believer in laughter is the best medicine!
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3 Responses to What are you passionate about?

  1. A great post. Inspiring. Many things to take home.

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