Lopez Family Maternity

I know, I know!!! I am a horrible blogger! My last post was the beginning of the year and here we are in December!!!! Well I’ve been super busy and enjoying some much needed time with my family! But I do have a visual treat! I just photographed a gorgeous family maternity session and WOW! Did I get some beautiful shots! Take a gander!


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Tea Time

Hopefully everyone had a sweet Valentine’s Day! Remember it’s supposed to be all about the love!!! Not the gifts (though that is pretty nice)! I spent the morning with a bit of frustration due to my car breaking down out of nowhere!!! But thanks to some awesome friends and actually having the money to fix it…my day picked right up! Spent the rest of the day with my loves 💕💕💕 and ended the day with some new goodies!!!

Seriously one of my addictions!!! I ❤️ tea!!! And Teavana is one of my favorite things! Not sponsored lol

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What are you passionate about?

Some people do not figure out what they are truly passionate about till they’re old and grey! Some are truly lucky and are born just knowing. Then there are those that go trough everything and anything and finally see the light!


I figured out my passion was photography in high school when I was 16. I just couldn’t get enough of it,it became my happy place. I fell in love with capturing an emotion in a photo. That is what does it for me,the emotion evoked from the little piece of time I just froze. Whether it be happy,sad,angry,hurt,calm,loving,bittersweet,or any other emotional imagery humanly possible to portray.


What brought about this post is a image I captured of my son practicing his music. He started playing the violin last year and hasn’t been able to put it down since! I have to admit I’m a little in shock of how strongly he took to it. I honestly thought we would run through a few before he settled on one he wanted to put all his effort into.


He gets this absolute look of peace when he plays (or rather attempts to…he is barely learning). But even though he doesn’t know much…it’s enough. I think that’s how you know…when that feeling hits you,it completes you(yeah,sappy but I can’t explain it,if you know what I mean it’s because you have that something that your passionate about).


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Winter Break + Outdoor Ice Skating Rink = Fun & Bruised Bums

Took the kids ice skating and they had a blast!!! Their first time was last year,and now they want to make it a tradition every winter! No idea how many times they fell on those lil bums of theirs, but they kept getting right back up! And talk about me wearing a grin from ear to ear…their laughter was just beyond contagious! This momma sure loves me some them! LoL ❤





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BabyGirls :-*

**God made us best friends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters! **

A mini sibling session of these 2 mini divas! My beautiful daughter & god-daughter. These 2 are seriously too much,the teen years to come just might drive me and the bestie absolutely batty!









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That sweet new baby smell :-D

I think photographing birth stories and newborns has got to be one of my favorite things! Being a mom and giving birth to two children myself, I know it’s an absolutely amazing thing! But seeing someone else do the same thing is a whole new kind of amazing! I am so completely honored by the mommas who welcomed me and let me be part of such a blessed event in their lives!











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Lifestyle Photography

Being a photographer you sometimes need to remind yourself to capture the little everyday special moments in your own life ❤ here are my littles just being them…doing chores,homework,and just playing. I'm promising myself I'm going to capture more of them and simply live in our moments more and stress less. LoveThem!






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Sweetness ❤️

The sweet little things that make your heart smile!



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My Christmas Morning :-*

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day!!! ~Andy Rooney

A lil late posting,but had to post it! My sweet littles on Christmas Morning ❤





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Birthday Girl!!!

My baby is not a baby anymore!!! She is growing up way too fast!!!!

Dear Airyanna,

Another beautiful year with you in my life, seven to be exact. You are one of the most amazing gifts I have been blessed with and I hope you know that I love you to pieces. I hope today, your special day is as special to you as you are to me! Happy Birthday to my sweet,crazy,bossy,weird,smart,funny and amazingly awesome daughter!!!

Love Mom

((Sorry about photo quality,a few pics I snapped on my iPhone on the way to school))





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